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When we decided to get married in the Dominican Republic, we had no idea where to begin. When we learned about WE DO, we never imagined that the most important (and most scary) parts of the preparation would soon become the least of our worries! WE DO handled everything for us professionally and with extremely fast service. I felt confident heading to my destination wedding in Punta Cana and am grateful to WE DO for the ease in receiving my legalizations and translations. . I would recommend WE DO again and again! Thank you for making such a perfect wedding complete!

Lisa and Brian McDonough
Dear Isabel, and everyone at WE DO,

Just wanted to write to say thank you and that you can use my comments for your website. WeDo made getting our wedding documents translated an easy process. We received our translated documents in a week and just received our marriage certificate translated in a little over a week. I would highly recommend WeDo for all your translation needs - they handled everything and allowed us to enjoy every moment of our wedding and the wedding planning process!

Chrissy Kaleugher
To Isabel and everyone at WEDO,

Thank you so much for all your help and services. The wedding certificate arrived this morning and me and my husband are thrilled with the service! Thank you for your co-operation and help, we could not have done it without you.

Many regards

Rebecca and Chris Booth
Good Morning.

We just returned home a few weeks ago from our Punta Cana wedding and it was perfect thanks to We-Do. You had all our documentation in perfect order and you made everything so easy. I will be writting a review and am willing to let others contact me if they have any questions about We-Do or write a review that you could use on my behalf . You were fabulous. Thanks you.

Lastly, I have now received my marriage certificate in Spanish (which I  was expecting) and am a little unsure what to do with it now. Do we send it to you? Do we send you a copy? Can I have your mailing address and instructions again. I am sure you gave all this to me in the past but I have managed to misplace it.

Thanks again for all you help. You were wonderful

Becky Skinner or now Becky Ticco.


I was recently married (May 19, 2006) in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
I have a reminder to send the marriage certificate for translation and legalization. I just received the license in the mail and I was wondering the address of where I send it for translation and legalization. Am I correct that I send the front and back copy of the license with a regular sized self stamped envelope ($0.37) with a certified money order for $75?

WEDO Comment:
I had plenty of questions regarding the required paperwork and necessary documentation for getting married in the Dominican Republic. Everyone at WEDO was so very helpful. They guided me through the whole process which made it much easier for me. Their assistance considerably lessened my stress of planning a destination wedding.

Secrets Excellence Comment:
Grisel, our wedding coordinator, was EXCELLENT. She sat with us and explained all of our options for the wedding day and she addressed all of our questions. I was very thankful to have someone as knowledgeable and giving of her time as Grisel was to us. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Secrets. It was a true paradise in every way. The food/drink/staff/daily service was always spectacular.

Thanks so much,
Joan (Lowenhaupt) Edwards

Hello all-
We just got married on June 28th of this year in the Dominican Republic.
Our wedding took place at the Iberostar resorts in Punta Cana. The wedding was spectacular and we would definately recommend it to anyone who wants to skip out on all the stress and money that the traditional wedding in the states would ultimately lead to. We were blessed because most of our family and friends were able to be with us on our special day (60 people to be exact). The wedding coordinator sat down with us for about an hour the day before the big day and together we chose flowers, dinner menus, champagne, and any other last minute details that take most brides weeks to ponder when planning a traditional wedding. Putting our trust in someone that we had known for a few short minutes was nerve wracking, however, let me reassure you, it was well worth the worry. The resort itself should leave anyone with a feeling of ease, and when speaking of the staff at the Iberostar Punta Cana, you can rest assure that the professionals that are handling your wedding are exactly that, professionals. We would do it again in an instant. We left for home knowing that we were married and completely happy and cannot wait to renew our vows at the Iberostar Punta Cana!!
Please see attached wedding photo of the beautiful work that the photographer Ricky did for us at such a reasonable price.

Jen and Corey Hoffman

My husband and I were married in the Dominican Republic on July 14, 2006 at the Iberostar Bavaro Resort and I have to say everything was absolutely wonderful. I could not have asked for a more perfect situation.

The grounds at the resort were beautiful and the employee were attentive and very friendly. Our wedding planner was great and the set up on the beach was what I dreamed of. It was stress free and exactly what my husband and I wanted. Our guests enjoyed themselves, some saying it was the best vacation they have had and the most romantic wedding they had seen.

Wedo was professional and prompt with all of our paper work. I had very little problems when I needed to change my name on my social security and drivers license.

Thank you for everything.

Eileen and Mark Ludington

Hello Isabel,

I have just received the documents. Thank-you for a job well done!!

Sandra Myatte

Dear Isabel,

I would like to formally thank you for all of your help, with WE DO our wedding documentation for our marriage in the Dominican Republic was made so easy. I would recomend WE DO services to a friend or any one who may ask. Thank you again for such GREAT services.

Lisa Cunico

Hi Isabel

I will send out the documents this afternoon. I just want to thank you for all of the quick responses regarding my questions! You have truly helped in this very important event of my life. WE DO is a great company and makes this experience much easier!!!


Hello Isabel,

Well we have returned from our wedding, and as promised a small review of the wedding and your services is below! Thank you again for all your hard work.

Wedding at the Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort

The wedding day dawned beautifully, not a cloud in the sky. All the girls came to my room with champagne and OJ and a fruit tray and they all enjoyed that. My mom paid for a massage for me and that was wonderful. At noon we went to the spa and had our hair done, there was another bride getting hers done too. She was getting married an hour before me, but other than the salon we didn't see each other all day. My hair turned out great, and the makeup was nice too, a little
more than I am used to but that¹s okay. We got back to the room and were told the wedding would be late (we knew beforehand that they are always late), which was fine, we didn't feel to rushed.

The site is beautiful (a large open dome with beautiful pillars), and they had my husband hidden behind one of the pillars, so I couldn't see him and he couldn't see me until I finally got to the aisle. The ceremony is really short, and were allowed to incorporate a Sand Ceremony as well. We then went off for pictures. It went very smooth and everyone was occupied while we were have our pictures taken, because we had the carribean trio there playing music. They were
great too!

When we got back to the room (because we had about an hour and a half to kill before dinner) the bed was made up with flowers and swans. Its was really pretty. We ate at the Chopin for dinner, maybe not the greatest choice, looking back I would have chosen the Asian restaurant. The cake was okay, the icing was really good, but the cake had more of a carrot cake consistency and we were looking for light and fluffy. The day was perfect. I would definitely do it that way again if I had to go back in time, no way would I do anything else.

WEDO services

The resort wedding coordinator gave me the information to get in contact with WEDO. The service they provided me was wonderful. It took so much of my worries away. We had looked around/researched different places to get our documents legalized and translated and WEDO was by far the cheapest.

Isabel is a dream to work with and answered any questions that I had quickly and confidently. Getting married away is worrisome enough, not know what to expect when you get there, WEDO managed to take one of my worries away by providing the documents quickly and legally.

Thank you again,
Vicky Firth (nee Drabik)

Dear Isabel,

We just wanted to send you a final thank you! We received our translated and legalized papers today, and we just wanted to say that it was a PLEASURE dealing with you. You made the whole process, which seemed overwhealming to us at first, very simple and straight forward, and it is truly appreciated!

Once again, thank you for all your help.

Yves and Nathalie

Dear Isabel,

Here is the testimonial you asked for. Thanks for all your help!!!

I met my wife, Ketty, on It is a great dating website, the best I have used. We wed on June 28, 2006, in Barahona, Dominican Republic, while staying at the La Costa Larimar resort. It is a nice clean quiet resort. It is mostly populated by working people, contractors who are working in some capacity with the Dominican government on public projects. So, during the day, the resort is not crowded. The restaurant is peaceful, the pool is not crowded and the nice private beach is not crowded. If you want the fast life, partying the entire time you are in the D.R., then this place is not for you. Go to Punta Cana or Bavaro. If you want a peaceful, quiet, romantic getaway, then maybe this place is for you. The city of Barahona is about 80,000 people, about 2.5 hours west of Santo Domingo. There are places to go and the city has a lively night life, if that is what you are looking for.
Additionally, while we were traveling in the area, we came across a place called Villas Esperanza, about 15 minutes from Barahona, and were given a tour by the owner/builder/contractor , named Erickson. There are three LARGE homes that he rents out, completely furnished, with food. They offer all kinds of activities and tours. Each home has its own private pool, 24 hour security, and overlooks the ocean with a great view. Contact them at [email protected] or

Now to Isabel was incredibly helpful to us. Not knowing the procedures and documents that were required for our wedding to take place, I had to find someone to rely upon to see that this could take place. Isabel was so fast in the turnaround of documents, that I do not think I could have found this level of assistance anywhere else. All of the necessary documents were translated professionally and legalized by the Dominican Consulate. Believe me, if you do not get your documents in order, you will have some difficulty in seeing your wedding take place without much additional expense. So contact Isabel to see that your wedding goes off without any unforeseen circumstances.

I am including a couple photographs of our wedding at the resort.

Thank you, again, Isabel for all of your assistance!!


Jonathan House

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