Offers the most reliable, fast and affordable service in the United States of America and Canada, working directly with the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC CONSULATES, with more than 12 years of experience handling wedding documents, and providing a stress free legal process to thousands of couples.

About Us

Wedo has been working with couples getting married in the Dominican republic for over 10 years, and we are related to some of the best known legal firms in the country.
Wedo is dedicated to meet your documentation needs after you decide to have the wedding of your dreams in the tropical paradise and beautiful sceneries offered by the Dominican republic.

Choose the hotel/resort of your preference, and wedo will handle the legal documentation, translations and consular legalizations for you. Leave the paperwork to wedo and enjoy one of the most memorable times of your lives!

You can also obtain references about wedo from most of the hotels/resorts that offer wedding packages, as well as from the consulate of the Dominican Republic in Houston, Texas, USA.

Wedding documentation (we do), has handled thousands of documents for couples who have been legally married in the Dominican Republic.

Feel free to inquire about our service, we have been in business for more than 15 years with offices in the United States of America, Canada and the Dominican Republic.



The Dominican Republic and the U.S.A. are members of the La Hague Convention, your official documents MUST be apostilled by your Secretary of State Office. An apostille is an authentication issued on official documents in order to ensure their international validity. It is an attachment to the document.


WEDDING DOCUMENTATION “WEDO”, is a legal company, duly registered and with over 10 years of experience. Our services are offered to couples from abroad wishing to officiate their wedding in the Dominican Republic.

We will handle your legal documents and will promptly and safely provide you with the necessary certifications and translations for the legal part of the event. Within 5 business days, WEDO will have your legal documents ready! 

See the list of our services below:

Apostilles are required to  citizens of all countries member of the La Hague Convention, for their wedding abroad. They are authentications issued by your Secretary of State Office/Foreign Affairs Ministry.  The Dominican Republic is part of the  Hague Convention. Your official documents, like birth certificates and divorce decrees, are to be apostilled.  Also, please obtain an apostille for the Notary’s signature on your Single Status Declarations. 

Birth certificates are apostilled at the Secretary of State Office/Foreign Affairs Ministry of your birthplace.  Notary’s signature on your single status forms are apostilled by the Secretary of State Office at your place of residency.  If you were not born in the State where you live, inquire with the Secretary of State Office if your birth certificates can be notarised and have the Notary’s signature apostilled at your place of residency.

Your Secretary of State Office/Foreign Affairs Ministry can be contacted by phone or online.

Obtaining an apostille is simple and fast, an apostille is an authentication issued on official documents in order to ensure their international validity.  It is issued as an attachment to the original document.  It is not the raised seal on some original documents.



– Baptismal certificate (Bride and Groom).

–  Confirmation certificate (Bride and Groom).

– Letter from your Parish authorizing the Priest in the

  Dominican Republic to officiate the wedding.

– Letter from your Parish, stating you both attended matrimonial preparation.

– Copy of a annulment  certificate of a previous marriage, issued by

   the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, if applicable.

– Copy of Divorce Decree from a previous legal/civil wedding, if applicable.

– Copy of death certificate of a deceased spouse, if applicable.

– Copy of the Parish Interview (also called Pre-marital Inquiry) by the priest or his delegate, done in their Parish (with the dispensations).

Confirm with your wedding coordinator if these documents must be translated.  Also, obtain the name of the priest that will officiate your wedding in order to address the letters directly to him.

Religious documents are to be dated not earlier than 60 days before the wedding.


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